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Ballet Up to the Barre at Flash Pointe


  If the dancer in your family is looking for a place to work on his or her moves, Flash Pointe Dance Studio is the place to be! Whether your child is a seasoned dancer hoping to work towards a professional career or a beginner who wants to learn the basics, Flash Pointe has the perfect program. Adult fitness and dance classes are also offered, so there is something for the whole family. Their new five-studio facility is environmentally friendly. Flash Pointe Dance is committed to bringing Fairfield County the best and most exciting options in dance and movement. There is no doubt you will be able to find a class that suits your child’s needs!

 The studio is home to a variety of classes, ranging from classical and contemporary ballet, to hip hop, pointe, lyrical, break dancing and contemporary jazz, among many others. Also offered are pre-school classes such as story ballet, bitty break and hip hop. Adult fitness and dancing classes such as musical theatre, stretch and strength, modern core and dance sculpt make this facility truly diverse their in programs for all ages and interests. Classes are affordably priced and can be packaged into programs throughout the year. Scholarships are also available for dancers with financial aid needs. The faculty and staff, hand picked for their dancing expertise and instructional abilities, come from diverse dancing backgrounds and have trained and performed with prestigious companies around the world. They collaborate to produce an environment where the art of dance and movement can be appreciated in an inspirational, judgment free and nurturing place.

  At Flash Pointe, they recognize that not everyone who comes in for classes at the studio is destined to become a professional dancer — statistically very few will — so the focus at this studio is centered around building a love for dance. They have designed programs through the understanding that using your body daily is important in maintaining good mental and physical health. Finding a balance between technical perfection and passion for the art is crucial. The faculty and staff are committed to offering an inspirational and challenging program for the recreational dancer, but also offer the training and guidance necessary to support a competitive dancer. With the variety of classes and levels offered, dancers can find a track for development that suits their goals and aspirations. Dance can be an influential part of life, teaching and emphasizing structure and discipline. It can  also be helpful in fostering relationships built around a common passion and dedication based on solid goals. At any level, or any age, Flash Pointe offers a place that a dancer can feel at home, build a solid foundation of skill and become a part of a very exciting and supportive community.

  If you are looking for an original birthday party idea for your child, Flash Pointe has a truly innovative approach! Not only is the studio a wonderful venue that is fantastic for birthday parties, but the dance resources available make for a perfect setup for dance lovers. Kids can join staff members in dancing to any song or theme of their choice in their state-of-the-art facility. Groups will be treated to a 75-minute class to learn the routine, and then parents will return to see the performance! After treats and presents, the birthday child will go home with a video of the live show!

  Flash Pointe Dance Studio is located at 1657 Post Road in Fairfield. For more information call 203-259-1600 or visit their website at www.flashpointedance.com.

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