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Breakthrough Magnet School-South

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Address 290 Brookfield Street
Hartford, CT 06106
Website URL www.breakthroughmagnet...

If you are a parent who wants the best possible educational experience for your child without the cost of additional tuition, Breakthrough Magnet School South (BMS) is the school for you. Thanks to our high level academic growth, innovativeness, commitment to diversity, partnerships with families and organizations as well as our powerful theme, we were named by Magnet Schools of America as the Number One Magnet School in the U.S.A. in 2015! Breakthrough Magnet is a character education themed pre-k to 8th grade interdistrict school serving students in Greater Hartford. Located in a custom-built, state-of-the-art facility, BMS provides a rigorous and authentic learning experience in which students use real-life situations as catalysts for the development of academic skills. Students gain knowledge, utilize higher order thinking, exercise body and mind, and explore the arts, technology and social values in the BMS environment. With 355 students, boasting a heritage from over 25 countries who live in Hartford and 24 surrounding towns, BMS is truly a “global school for students of character.” The BMS facility includes a library/media center with a computer lab, outdoor amphitheater, roof garden, and spacious classrooms. Students enjoy seven and a half acres of land with playground areas and a field in our residential location. Steeped in the best academic practices, all BMS staff are also well trained in the unique, character education curriculum, emphasizing problem solving, personal responsibility, integrity, contribution and knowledge.

At Breakthrough, teachers, staff, parents and students embrace the concept of being a high performance community through the use of a unique character curriculum that allows students to develop into leaders by creating high self-esteem, intrinsic motivation, and instilling the values of life-long learning and perseverance. Using an easy to follow acronym, B.R.I.C.K. (© Norma Neumann-Johnson, 1998), students learn to:
B Change Breakdowns to Breakthroughs by applying problem solving strategies
R Take Responsibility for our own personal happiness and well-being in life
I Understand how Integrity (keeping one's word) empowers relationships and goals
C Contribute value within the classroom, school and community
K Increase one's Knowledge, academically and socially to better inform one's choices

Students benefit from the consistent and clear delivery of these values through powerful curriculum on a micro- and macro-level — during one-on-one conversations with staff, whole class lessons and weekly whole school community meetings. In addition, middle school students participate in weekly advisory discussions and daily, school-based community service, which allows them to develop and appreciate the importance of their academic and social skills. Breakthrough Magnet School develops children of character who are culturally and socially independent and responsible citizens, prepared to lead others by example in specialized skills, values and ethics in high school, college, career and in life. Visitors Days are every Friday morning from 8:30 to 10:00 am. Join us for a whole-school community meeting, get a student-led tour through the classrooms and meet with our principal Julie Goldstein. Don’t take our word for it, come visit and see for yourself what makes Breakthrough Magnet School, South Campus a special place and the right school for your child.

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Website: http://www.breakthroughmagnetschool.org

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