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Greater New Haven

Shoreline School of Montessori Preschool, Est. 1985

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Essential Information

Address 675 East Main Street
Branford, CT 06405
Website URL www.shorelineschool.com

Shoreline School of Montessori is conveniently located in Branford and has been proudly serving shoreline
area families since 1985. The school believes in and recognizes a child’s innate desire to learn. The goal is to help children build a strong foundation for independence and creative learning using the specialized Montessori materials. The school’s program is well-balanced, emphasizing academic opportunities equally with social-emotional and physical development.

Shoreline School of Montessori educates children ages 3-6, which allows for the benefits of mixed-age groups. Younger children get a chance to look ahead, while the older students reinforce their knowledge by sharing it with their younger classmates, building a and self-esteem. This important component of the Montessori approach lends a family feel to the group and helps establish a strong community.

Shoreline Montessori’s classroom is a “prepared environment” where the child is free to proceed, with guidance, from simple activities to more complex ones. The school’s stated philosophy is that each child is unique, and should be helped to develop to their fullest potential, at their own pace, in a non-competitive atmosphere. More than 100 years ago, it was Maria Montessori who theorized that the early years are the single most important period in the development of a person’s intelligence, and that a child’s mind from birth through age 5 is extremely absorbent and should be properly nourished and stimulated. Montessori children love to learn, and through this foundation grow to be confident, competent learners for life. Due to the precious development of this age group, Shoreline Montessori’s philosophy is based on the idea that if learning starts fun, it stays fun!

To be eligible for admission, a child must be 3 years of age by December 31 of the admitting year. The regular program begins in September and continues through early June. Three-year-olds attend Monday through Friday for three hours each day. A full day option is available for 4 and 5 year olds.

Children remain in the Montessori classroom through Kindergarten to complete the important three year
cycle. After attending Shoreline School of Montessori, students proceed to first grade in either a public or private school setting. It makes for a smooth transition,
as Montessori-educated children tend to spend their
time more productively due to their self-direction and positive attitude towards learning.

Parent involvement through conferences, observations, discussions, and parent evenings is strongly encouraged. The more a parent knows about their child’s experience inside the classroom, the better they can help to foster a consistent environment in which the child can grow.

The curriculum includes a wide range of areas. Practical Life exercises encourage students to be independent in everyday living, and teach students how to take care of themselves and their environment. Sensorial Activities are designed to isolate and sharpen the senses. Math, language, geography, art and cultural enrichment (music and French) emphasize the academic opportunities at Shoreline School of Montessori.

The director, Regina Satterthwaite has been part of Shoreline Montessori since 1992 when she began as the children's literature teacher and fell in love with the method. She then went on to receive her Montessori certification and has been director since 2000. The school is a full member of the American Montessori Society (AMS).

For more information about Shoreline School of Montessori, please call Satterthwaite, at 203-481-5888 or visit their website at www.shorelineschool.com

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Website: http://www.shorelineschool.com

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