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Rectory School

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Address 528 Pomfret Street
P.O. Box 68
Pomfret, CT 06258
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Rectory School is an independent, coed, junior boarding (5-9) and day school (Early Childhood-9) located in Pomfret on a beautiful 138-acre landscape with rolling fields and beautiful trees. Rectory students are eager to improve, eager to reflect, and eager to try. They are willing to do the hard work to not only understand themselves, but also to be a part of an active community of young people committed to a simple idea: each of us has something to learn…and something to offer. Rectory students are surrounded by adults who create an environment that offers the challenge and support needed to build a foundation of core academic skills, create powerful learning experiences both inside and outside the classroom and foster strong ethical and social values. The school community lives the Rectory School Creed: Responsibility, Respect, Honesty and Compassion. The result is students who understand themselves and the world around them. Students who can speak frankly about their strengths, and where they need to improve. Students who aren’t just ready for their next school — they are ready for life.

Rectory is student-centered. Students who are makers and doers are motivated to not just find the answer, but to ask, “Why?” They apply what they have learned to new and novel situations, and are the types of students who can identify a problem and develop an actionable solution. This High-Value Learning makes the classroom experience more compelling than teacher-centered approaches, and it takes the learning outside of the classroom.

Rectory works hard to foster a community built on mutual and unwavering acceptance for one another. And while they set an expectation that this level of acceptance will exist at the core of the school community, they understand that with elementary and middle school children there will be moments when students fall short. These are the moments when they work even harder. These are the moments that build strength of character, resulting in the sincere respect students have for one another that make the community feel less like a school and more like a family.

Their approach ensures that all students are understood, challenged and encouraged — not just academically and socially, but personally. Because of this, they witness great outcomes. Academic skills are important to be successful in secondary school. However, academic skills combined with confidence prepares students for life. This confidence comes from overcoming challenges, from working through tough issues and from true growth. It comes from feedback from adults who are paying attention and have the best interest of the students in mind.

Unique Features: Rectory’s Individual Instruction Program (IIP) celebrates the uniqueness of each person. Rectory's IIP is designed to address a range of academic needs (remediation and enrichment) with seamless integration into the academic day. The March Experiential Learning Program (MELP) is Rectory’s signature program that allows students to explore a topic through hands-on experiences. The program encourages alternative learning styles, creativity, and problem solving.

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